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New Categories for Run For Heroes 2020 to Commemorate Singapore’s National Day

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To commemorate Singapore’s 55th National Day, two new categories and corresponding entitlements will be introduced exclusively in the month of August. Participants of the two new categories will be able to reach out to greater numbers of frontline workers, contribute more to The Courage Fund and will also receive a personalised Run for Heroes mask and event T-shirt as a part of their race entitlements.

The SG55 Challenge and The SG550 Challenge have been conceptualised to activate both the running community and those looking to dedicate more time and support to our frontline heroes, while keeping fit and active themselves. These expanded categories and the extended deadline will also allow participants to reach out to as many frontliners as possible while raising more to donate to The Courage Fund.

As with the previous 1km category, the new categories can be completed over the course of the month of August and logged as a virtual run through fitness or step trackers. This ensures that safe distancing measures can be adhered to, and participants can pace out their runs at their own convenience.

With The SG550 Challenge, the 550km category, participants can sign up as a team of two to complete the run collectively over the month of August.1

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