• For Our Heroes

    Run For Heroes 2020 is a ground-breaking virtual running initiative that aims to build a national movement of support for Singapore’s healthcare and service frontliners. Supported by SportSG and SG United, the event aims to build a movement that transcends sports to create a real and tangible impact.


    Run for Heroes will create a direct expression of the collective gratitude for our frontline heroes. After completing a 1-kilometre run, participants will be entitled to two iconic red and white wristbands which serve as a unifying symbol of support, with one wristband being sent to a frontliner with a personalised message of thanks.


    Run For Heroes 2020 aims to attract 500,000 runners and to distribute a total of one million wristbands before the event concludes on August 8, a day before Singapore’s National Day.


    To mark the launch of Run for Heroes 2020, the event has adopted as its official theme song, an original composition by popular local music duo Jack and Rai, fittingly titled “Hero”. The song’s meaningful lyrics and uplifting anthemic melody matches the ethos and mission of Run For Heroes 2020 perfectly.

  • The Journey Starts Here

    All it takes is for you to run or walk a distance of 1km to show your

    support and gratitude for those on the frontlines of this battle against COVID-19.



    Start off first by registering for the run here

    in the next section!




    You can record your runs using recognised fitness trackers which will be verified upon submission.

    Submit your results HERE!



    You will earn an iconic wristband that is a public declaration of your support for our frontline heroes.



    Another wristband will be sent to one of those heroes with a personalised message from you!

  • Declaration Of Solidarity

    Upon completion of a 1-kilometre run, one wristband will be sent to the participants and the other will be sent to a frontline hero with a personalised message of thanks as an expression of gratitude.


    Wearing the wristbands allows everyone living in Singapore - from the frontliners to the people they protect and serve - to have a visible and recognisable symbol that will connect us all in a spirit of unity and solidarity.

    The Iconic Wristbands

    of Run For Heroes 2020

    These wristbands bear Singapore's national colours, with red representing our common blood and unity of purpose, and the international colour symbolising medical aid, while white represents the traditional colour of uniforms worn by nurses and doctors.


    Be part of a national movement that will remind us of the challenges

    we will face and overcome together.

  • The Courage Fund

    The Courage Fund was first established in 2003 when Singapore was hit by the SARS outbreak. In this same spirit, the fund is rallying the support of Singaporeans to lend a hand to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


    The evolving COVID-19 situation has impacted many Singaporeans, including those who are facing loss of income or are struggling with additional caregiving duties and expenses.


    Funds raised will go towards supporting and providing relief to vulnerable individuals and families, including healthcare workers, frontline workers and volunteers affected by the COVID-19 situation.


    Your participation in Run for Heroes will help The Courage Fund provide support to those who have been severely impacted by COVID-19.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to register?

    Each registration slot costs $9.50, and entitles you to one 1km entry and a set of two wristbands upon completion.​

    1km is easy. What should I do if I want to run more than that?

    If you would like to run more than 1km, you can register multiple times in order to lend even more support for our frontliners. Thank you in advance!​

    What happens after registration?

    Run for Heroes runs from 27 May to 8 August 2020. You can choose any date within the given window to clock your 1km walk or run on your GPS tracking device and submit a screenshot of it on the ACTIVE.com results page. You can choose to do the run indoors or outdoors (within your neighbourhood), but for your own safety, please run alone and try to avoid crowded spaces and times.​

    How do I track my run for submission?

    All GPS-based apps, health apps, step trackers, smart watches and indoor treadmills are accepted. Please only submit your own data to us. To ensure fairness, we will conduct random checks on the run data submitted to us. ​

    Where do I submit my results?

    Please submit your results via the ACTIVE.com results page.

    Is there a time limit for my 1km walk or run?

    This event is not a race, but a show of solidarity to bring individuals of all ages together in support of our frontliners. There is no time limit to complete your race, as long as you complete your 1km by 8 August your run data will be accepted.​

    If I register for the race after having completed my run, can I submit this as my data?

    We encourage you to submit your data clocked after registration. However, it is possible to submit results from a run before your registration date, as long as it was completed after 27 May.​

    Can I choose to complete my 1km walk or run indoors?

    Yes, absolutely. With the current safe distancing measures in place, this is a viable option! If you are running on your treadmill, just take a screenshot of the distance covered and submit your data to us. Data clocked on other devices while indoors can be submitted in the same way.

    How and when will I receive my wristband after I have submitted my run data?

    Wristbands will be sent to you 20-25 days after the verification of your submission. Your wristbands will be sent by post, so please ensure that the address provided during registration is accurate. ​

    What about the corresponding wristband for the frontliners?

    At registration, you will select your personalised message which will accompany the wristband that will be sent to a frontline worker. We will then ship this on your behalf. ​

    Who can I contact if I have issues with my submission or need assistance?

    You can email your query to runforheroes@orangeroom.com.sg and we will respond to your email as soon as possible.

    I am using a step tracker, will this qualify and how many steps equates to 1km?

    Yes you may submit data from a step tracker, 1250 steps count as 1km!

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